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But how do you find these good guys, and not the players you’ve heard about — and perhaps encountered yourself?

In , you’ll read examples of how you can navigate the choppy waters of midlife dating.

There are always good people to meet there, and those truly looking for commitment and a relatinship.

All you have to do is filter through the sport daters -both men and women – and you can really meet some great people on there. I’ve never tried a dating site until a friend of mine “pushed” me into joining a couple of sites, Match, Yahoo and Lavalife Prime. I personally found that Lavalife prime was more of a social dating site because men and women could email each other.

Yes, it’s nice to be worshiped, but really — you want someone who is at your level, not groveling at your feet.

You want a king — someone who’s your equal and with whom you can rule the throne together! “This book focuses on helping you better define what you want beyond tall, dark and handsome.

series is the encyclopedia for those dating again in midlife.

My first stab at online dating was a couple of months ago, on Plenty of Fish.You’ll see how having an embracing and curious attitude can turn virtually any encounter into an interesting adventure — and even if it’s not, there’s a lesson for you.