Dating maine prevention violence

03-Aug-2017 04:20

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That means that, though no one has all the answers, we can offer you knowledge and understanding that’s built on experience as well as compassion. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Hope and Justice Project is gearing up for a month full of awareness-raising and educational events!

YAAPP also offers one-to-one advocacy for youth who are experiencing dating abuse.All workshops are interactive and can be customized for specific needs and audiences.Hope & Justice trainers have spent many hours listening and talking to people struggling with an abusive partner or family member.Teens need to know the warning signs of abuse, but they also need to know what a healthy, safe relationship looks like.

Most young people have seen models of unhealthy relationships at one time or another, so it is doubly important that we speak with them explicitly about what healthy relationships look like and how to treat a partner with respect and caring. Teen dating violence is a significant problem in Maine communities, and everyone has a role to play in its prevention and intervention.