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But Congress last month voted to continue selling the weapons to the kingdom, citing a desire not to “stigmatize” the munitions.In any case, the Saudis are widely believed to possess significant amounts of cluster munitions, including some manufactured by Britain, according to human rights groups and military analysts.The bakery worker was asleep in his attic apartment with his wife and child. At that moment, a warplane from a coalition led by Saudi Arabia dropped an American-made cluster bomb over their densely packed enclave. “I woke up and saw blood all over me,” the bakery worker said.The device, banned by scores of countries but not the United States or Saudi Arabia, sent explosive spheres the size of baseballs raining down. Asleep in another room, his 3-year-old daughter and wife were not injured. Human rights groups and some American lawmakers have urged a ban on weapons transfers to Saudi Arabia, saying the airstrikes have had a devastating impact on civilians and have violated international laws.As I entered, mothers and children milled about outside the prison, hoping for news of a loved one.

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Later, he was shunted to another secret site, where guards kicked him repeatedly in his gunshot leg until he blacked out. Prior to this visit from me and my Yemeni co-counsel, no lawyer had been allowed in the Political Security prison; I doubt one has been since. In the same site were untold numbers of Yemenis with no recourse to lawyers.

6 morning, the cluster bomb tore apart a community, and its victims are still grappling with the fallout.

I would like SCIAF to reclaim tax on all donations I have made for this tax year and the four years prior to the year of this declaration, (but no earlier than 6/4/2000) and all donations I make from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise, as Gift Aid donations.

fighter jets and other American-made weapons in deals worth billions of dollars, and the Pentagon has provided the coalition with training, aerial refueling support and intelligence as it attacks targets in Yemen.

(Sudarsan Raghavan/The Washington Post) [The story of a girl married at 11 tracks the horrors of Yemen’s war] White House press secretary Josh Earnest has defended the Obama administration’s backing of Saudi Arabia and the other members of the coalition, calling them “effective national security partners.” But criticism is growing over the U. The kingdom has denied targeting civilian areas and has called U. estimates of casualties from airstrikes exaggerated. In late May, though, reports surfaced that the White House had quietly blocked the transfer of more cluster bombs to Riyadh in apparent concern about the humanitarian toll.Washington’s support has had unintended consequences. In a nation that is a front line in the war against terrorism, animosity toward the United States has increased.

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