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27-Aug-2017 10:13

This would require an actionable to-do-list, plans of attack and strategies designed for success. While we certainly believe in using technology and have downloaded Notebook (digital planners), sometimes it’s good to disconnect and get a physical planner to chart down your plans and goals in ink and execute it right.To ensure your carbon footprint is minimized, we’ve picked up the best eco-friendly planners for 2017 that are ethically crafted using recycled papers, soy inks and, of course, faux leathers.In recognition of the need to preserve the world in which we operate and serve our guests, Destination Hotels is dedicated to practices and programs that pay respect to, and lessen our footprint on, our changing environment.As the fourth largest independent hospitality management company in the country, we are committed to creating a new benchmark for our hotels and resorts through a series of environmental initiatives, both on the corporate level and at each of our individual properties.With sections for your tasks and actions as well as reminders, this planner will ensure that you are not only doing work, but that you are doing things that are measurable and that count.Each month opens with a two page goal setting spread, to review what you did the whole month.I was dating a Danish dude at the time and was visiting Denmark from Thursday to Sunday every weekend, flying from London and back again for about 3 years straight, paying £4-10 each way.

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Then I married a Texan who lives in Paris with family in Spain, making seeing everyone at least once a year a nearly impossible thing without increasing our carbon footprint in some way., according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).What’s more astonishing about this statistic, is that just three years ago, only five percent of households had rooftop solar panels.Most commonly used when referring to products that contribute to green living and other sustainable practices, eco-friendly products also prevent pollution in the land, air and water.

Eco-friendly also refers to the practices that make someone more conscious about how he or she absorbs natural resources.

Probably more than an eco-blogger should, I always have.

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